• The Pinball Arcade To Deliver Pinball At Warp Factor 9 To Closeout 2012!!!

    Williams' Star Trek : The Next Generation was released in 1993 and was designed by the lengendary Steve Ritchie who also designed Firepower, Black Knight, High Speed and Terminator 2. Steve was a lifelong Star Trek fan and was instrumental in convincing Williams to license the Star Trek property for a new pinball table. Consequently, this table features an incredibly deep integration of the Star Trek license. It also has a number of unique play field features including two rotating ball-firing cannons that sit on top of the slingshots and a system of warping balls from one place to another that was so ingenious, Williams patented it.

    Space...The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission...To explore strange new worlds...To seek out new life and new civilizations...To boldly go where no pinball has gone before!
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    1. Fred van Noije's Avatar
      Fred van Noije -
      waiting here, so let's come
    1. Drew Dietsch's Avatar
      Drew Dietsch -
      Video? Please, please, please?
    1. dolphin2852000's Avatar
      dolphin2852000 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Drew Dietsch View Post
      Video? Please, please, please?
      I know warp factor 9 is the fastest sped can you go beyond that and go 12 or 13 to get this one out ?
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