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    Fixes and changes - FarSight's 1 month break between S6 & S7

    As you might be aware, if you are a regular user of the forum and/or read the latest newsletter (#61) by FarSight, they are currently having a break between Season 6 and Season 7 of one month, i.e. the first table of the next season (Bally Paragon, as it was voted for by the players on the Facebook poll) will probably be issued end of May.

    FarSight is using this time to fix a number of issues on older tables as well as revisiting features which need an overhaul.

    What you will see now, is a list of items which have been worked on already. Please note this is as of Apr 18th and there are more fixes in the pipeline. The... read more
    Xanija 04-23-2017, 05:00 AM
  • Steam winter sale 2016 has started

    Again we have a big sale on Steam with big discounts for Pinball Arcade. The discounts are the same as in the autumn sale, so:

    Season Pack 1: -34%
    Season Pack 2: -34%
    Season Pack 3: -67%
    Season Pack 4: -25%

    Season Pack 1 pro: -50%
    Season Pack 2 pro: -50%
    Season Pack 3 pro: -75%
    Season Pack 4 pro: -25%

    Get your tables here.

    Zen Studios have discounted their tables as well, with individual rebates across their collection of DLC's, ranging from -10% for Women of Power to -80% for the Zen Classics pack and other older tables. Find all the details here.