• Stern Pinball Arcade live on Steam/Android/iOS today (edited)

    Stern Pinball is availabe on iOS now:

    It is live on Steam right now. Get it here

    Also on Google Play here.
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    1. neglectoid's Avatar
      neglectoid -
      can we get some subforums for ac/dc and star trek and mustang?
    1. Xanija's Avatar
      Xanija -
      Looking to get these created.
    1. Baron Rubik's Avatar
      Baron Rubik -
      Been looking forwards to this for Android. Might give myself an early Christmas pressie.

    1. hdc's Avatar
      hdc -
      Does anyone know if this will also be released for the Kindle Fire?
    1. Xanija's Avatar
      Xanija -
      It's not shown on the Stern Pinball Arcade page as a supported platform. That's all I know right now.
    1. Richard B's Avatar
      Richard B -
      Still not available. Hopefully the approval will come soon.
    1. p6800's Avatar
      p6800 -
      Stern Pinball Arcade is now available on Steam!
    1. Richard B's Avatar
      Richard B -
      Major problems getting it to work. Very disappointed. Have yet to play a complete game of something without it stop working.