• Swords of Fury is now available

    Table Pack #61 - Williams' "Swords of Fury" has been released on Steam, Google Play, OUYA, Amazon.

    It will soon be available for iOS and Mac

    Swords of Fury™ (1988): is a classic fantasy themed table from Williams designed by Doug Watson, Steve Kirk, and Tony Kraemer to be the "cutting edge of pinball design!" The table is packed with eye-catching graphics, and pulsing music to draw players of all ages into its challenging gameplay. Balls are launched onto the Magical Arena mini-playfield to start a non-stop adventure through the table's features. Free the Titans in multiball to score a Jackpot of up to 4,000,000 points! Journey through the mysterious Ogres Alley! Score Avenger Bonuses, and send the Lionman to defeat the Balrog! "Unleash the Fury!"
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    1. timxtr's Avatar
      timxtr -
      Why do new tables take forever to get to consoles???
    1. smcnally's Avatar
      smcnally -
      Thank you for adding this table! I sold my Swords of Fury machine years ago and have missed playing it. Playing it again makes me wish I never let it go.