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    Fixes and changes - FarSight's 1 month break between S6 & S7

    As you might be aware, if you are a regular user of the forum and/or read the latest newsletter (#61) by FarSight, they are currently having a break between Season 6 and Season 7 of one month, i.e. the first table of the next season (Bally Paragon, as it was voted for by the players on the Facebook poll) will probably be issued end of May.

    FarSight is using this time to fix a number of issues on older tables as well as revisiting features which need an overhaul.

    What you will see now, is a list of items which have been worked on already. Please note this is as of Apr 18th and there are more fixes in the pipeline. The... read more
    Xanija 04-23-2017, 05:00 AM
  • Head to head beta testing today - UPDATE

    This had to be rescheduled - I will post an announcement, once I have a new date/time

    FarSight will be launching the new content for a beta and they need everyone involved in the game playing head to head matches so they can watch the server live.

    They'll also be taking any bug reports found while they're live so that they can try to get reproduction instructions for any bugs as they come up, which will make it much easier for them to fix them.

    It is important that everybody who takes part is joining the group chat on "The Pinball Arcade" group. You can find the group here:


    We can report bugs there or get instructions from the developers.
    Watch out for user name ^1[^4wrd^1]Str1x, he's our contact.

    Also he will tell in the chat if we have to sign in for a Beta, which would be:
    game library->right click on Pinball Arcade->properties->BETA->...

    In addition and just for fun you maybe wanna join Pinball Arcade - H2H,
    our Pinball Players voice channel for on Discord for H2H ;-)


    (taken from http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Pin...81378546941975 )
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    1. dave950lam's Avatar
      dave950lam -
      Has been rescheduled for Thursday (April 12), at 11 am PDT, which should be evening hours in Europe (check local times).
    1. Blkthorne's Avatar
      Blkthorne -
      April 12th is Wednesday
    1. Xanija's Avatar
      Xanija -
      It's on Thursday, April 13th. The discord channel will have a text-only channel as well.
    1. shutyertrap's Avatar
      shutyertrap -
      If anyone wants to give this a try, I will log in at 2pm Pacific on 4/18 to have a go.
    1. shutyertrap's Avatar
      shutyertrap -
      Well, I tried. Never showed anyone in the queue, but it would connect me to people. Problem is, it'd find the match and then not actually start the game. There's another try on 4/19 at 11am Pacific per FarSight, so hopefully it gets patched and will work. Oh beta.
    1. thebarnman's Avatar
      thebarnman -
      How did the testing go today? Any new patches?
    1. dave950lam's Avatar
      dave950lam -
      Quote Originally Posted by thebarnman View Post
      How did the testing go today? Any new patches?
      They had some issues and postponed 'til today.
    1. thebarnman's Avatar
      thebarnman -
      When will the month off for developers of The Pinball Arcade finish? I'm really looking forward to head to head being fully fixed...you know; working flawlessly!