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    After ball launch, ball accellerates through one-way gate into roll-over lane area


    When you try and do a subtle ball launch, when the ball reaches the one-way gate into the rollover lanes it accelerates like there's a magnet under the table. This makes it nearly impossible to do an accurate soft launch, and feed anything other than the right-hand rollover.

    Additional Info

    This also happens when you shoot a slow shot into the left side one-way gate into the rollover lane area.

    It seems like the ball is "glitching" through the gates.

    I have reported this issue through the support@ email. I'm using Android, so I would be interested in hearing if other platforms are affected by this bug.
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    Never seen this on the PS3 although I don't care much about the plunger. It's faster to raise the bonus in the lower field.

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    I have confirmed this issue on my EVO 3D. It seems it was not accelerating but just not going through the one way gate smoothly as it should be.
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    This is how one-way gates behave on all tables, and it's been that way since at least the wii. One-way gates I think are coded that way to guarantee no rollbacks or stuck balls. Certainly it's not very realistic but it could be worse. A rollback through that gate on BH would not hurt anything, but on some tables it'd be a huge problem.

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    As pezpunk says it's so the ball can't roll back or get stuck.

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