Howdy! Yesterday American Amusement Auctions held an arcade and pinball machine auction in Mesquite, Texas. There were a ton of people there and everyone went nuts on the thirty pinball machines being auctioned off. The winning bidder pays a 13.9% buyers premium plus an 8.25% sales take that into consideration. The machines were in average to good condition with some missing some playfield toys and beat up ramps. Once all the pinball machines were auctioned off, about half the crowd left! As you know, pinball is King! Here are the titles and winning bids:

Wheel of Fortune $2100
Pirates of the Caribbean $3500
DE Star Wars $1250
Corvette $1875
DE The Simpsons $1450
Cue Ball Wizard $700
Maverick $800
Breakshot $1000
Dr Dude $650
Flipper Football $325
X-Files $950
Street Fighter II $650
World Challenge Soccer $375
Cue Ball Wizard $525
Rescue 911 $700
Doctor Who $1050
Fish Tales $1225
NASCAR $1900
DE Starwars (no backglass) $1100
Fire (broken backglass) $700
Paul Bunyan $175
The Game Show (playfield wear, Mylar lifting) $450
Jurassic Park $1550