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Thread: NBA Fastbreak

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    NBA Fastbreak

    This is another one.

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    Yes it is another impossible one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkAkatosh View Post
    Yes it is another impossible one.
    Hehe, total curb stomp!

    Yeah, we aint never gonna be seein' dat one. Which sucks, because it is one of my faves. Bobby said dealing with the NFL Players Association way back when they were doing football games was none to easy, and that was with current rosters. You can only imagine what it'd be like negotiating for old rosters.

    Still, this is one of those machines that would be so awesome in TPA for the mere fact that they could maybe make it so you could go head to head just like how with the real machines you could link 2 together and do a true score battle. Oh well.
    I'm just sayin'

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